Mar 13

Tunnel Monster

Well, we all know that Pittsburgh has horrible drivers. The tunnels in and out of Pittsburgh make things even worse.
Many people wonder why traffic is always backed up going into the tunnels especially the Squirrel Hill,┬áthe Fort Pitt, and The Liberty, “Tubes as us Pittsburghez call them”, but when they finally get out, traffic is clear as day. Scientists believe it’s because of algorithms, vehicles hitting their brakes and not maintaining speed. I believe they are correct, partially. Many have heard of the tunnel “monsters”. If you haven’t, here is the original that some people have seen online. (If you know the original creator, please let me know so they can receive credit. It’s a very nice image.)

Original Tunnel Monster

Original Tunnel Monster

My cousin, who I believe is my second cousin (I’m not good with family trees), posted on his website talking about the tunnel monster and how we should search for it, and get help from the pros. This is a great idea! I know I am tired of waiting in endless traffic for hours, killing my gas tank, truck, and wallet just to emerge from the tunnels to see nothing but a clear road. I’d understand the traffic if there was construction going on in or on the other side of the tunnels (which there will be shortly until the summer of 2014…), but there is NOTHING going on. Just people being afraid to actually GO into the tunnels. He posted on a comment I made about the tunnel monster saying, “I expect your version of the tunnel monster, BTW.” So, below in the second image is my version.

My sighting of the Tunnel Monster

Disclamer (I do not want sued!): I have nothing against Lady Gaga, I simply was searching for “Monster” on google, and found the image of her and though her pose was perfect for my image.